Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lancaster: Musical Road Will Have You Humming

Lancaster Musical Road plays William Tell Overture AKA theme from Lone Ranger
Musical Road in Lancaster
A stretch of road in the city of Lancaster has earned the moniker Musical Road and will actually have you hearing music while you drive – specifically the William Tell Overture. Here’s why: rumble strips, like those on the shoulder of a freeway to keep you alert, are strategically placed on a section of road on Avenue G between 30th and 40th Streets West.  As you drive over the grooves in the pavement, the sound generated produces notes of the familiar song, otherwise known as the theme from the Lone Ranger. It may not be note perfect, but it’s recognizable enough.
The Musical Road is the brainchild of Honda. It was built in 2008 for a commercial featuring the Honda Civic. Originally located at Avenue K, it had to be moved to its present location after locals within earshot complained that the noise kept them awake. Since the move, the musical road has been a hit, luring tourists to the location and putting Lancaster on the map. Drivers can’t seem to get enough of the engineering marvel, circling around to listen a dozen times or more while humming along with the tune. It’s a rarity, to be sure; this is the only known "musical road" in the nation.
To reach the Musical Road in Lancaster, exit Avenue G off the 14 Freeway and travel west. Stay in the far left lane and watch for the road sign signaling the start of the tune. For best sound quality, it’s best to be going 55mph.


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