Monday, November 18, 2013

Ventura: Public Art Bus Stop – Waiting For a Ride

Bus Home by Dennis Oppenheim is a bus stop located at the Pacific View Mall in Ventura.
“Bus Home” created by Dennis Oppenheim (photo: Donna Grananta)
A curious structure adorns the north end of the Pacific View Mall in Ventura. The contraption of twisty-curvy steel and brightly covered paint is more than a just piece of public art - it’s a bus stop.
Created in 2002 by conceptual artist/sculptor, Dennis Oppenheim (1938-2011), “Bus Home” remains one of the most talked about pieces of his portfolio. Standing 36 feet tall at its highest point, the work depicts a bus transitioning into a house. When it was erected, residents of Ventura either liked it or hated it. Some recognized the artistic value of the piece; others considered it a magnificent waste of money, claiming the bus stop was impractical and offered no shelter from the rain. In addition, improper techniques used by the paint contractor during its construction caused the structure to rust and decay in just a few short years. It gave the haters even more reason to dislike it.
A major renovation, partially supported by funds recovered in a settlement with the contractor, was undertaken and completed in 2008. Although spruced up, “Bus Home” still stirs controversy among those that view it and those that use it.
“Bus Home” can be found on Telegraph Road next to the Pacific View Mall located at 3301 E Main Street in Ventura.


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