Saturday, July 10, 2010

San Diego: Over-The-Line – Let The Games Begin

Over-The-Line Tournament, Fiesta Island (courtesy OMBAC)

Grab your bat, ball and flip-flops! The 57th annual World Championship Over-The-Line Tournament starts Saturday, July 10 at Fiesta Island on Mission Bay. The games are one of the most highly anticipated San Diego summer traditions. As many as 50,000 spectators will attend the four-day tournament which stretches over two weekends. Crowds will watch as 1,200 teams compete for trophies in 10 different divisions.

What is Over-The-Line? It’s a modified form of beach softball in which the goal is to hit a ball over a marked line without the opposing team catching it. Teams consist of three members each, games last four innings and there is no base running involved. No baseball mitts either, unless you’re on a women’s team.

Over-The-Line is all fun and games, with the emphasis on fun. Untouched by commercialism, Over-The-Line (OTL) is notorious for it’s off-color team names, abundant beer drinking, and bikini-clad girl watching. The tournament is run by the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club (OMBAC) which does a stellar job keeping the crowds in check. They ask that you abide by their “Five B Rules”: no bottles, babies, bowsers (dogs), birds or boas (constrictors). Bicycle use is limited as well.
Admission to watch the games is free. Parking is limited at Fiesta Island so spectators are advised to utilize free shuttle busses operating from Belmont Park and the Linda Vista Trolley Station.
Fiesta Island on Mission Bay, 92109
July 10-11 and July 17-18, 7:30am until dusk

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  1. Sounds like an excuse to get on the beach and have a like workout ;-P