Sunday, July 4, 2010

Santa Cruz: Mystery Spot – Perception Deception

Deep in the redwood forests outside of Santa Cruz is the Mystery Spot. It’s a circular area of about 150 feet in diameter described as a “gravitational anomaly”. Balls roll uphill, brooms stand on end, tree branches grow in strange directions and people seem to shrink or grow taller. How is that possible? Some will have you believe it’s due to UFO and alien activity and others attribute it to magnetic forces underground. Others might have you wondering if it’s just an optical illusion. You’ll question the law of physics and gravity as you ponder the answer.

1950s photos - Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz

Step inside the slanted, wooden building on the Mystery Spot and your sense of perception goes haywire. Lean back without falling over. Climb a wall effortlessly. But be careful - you may lose your equilibrium and sense of balance. Whether you believe the cause is scientific or just a trick of the mind, the Mystery Spot will befuddle your brain.

The Mystery Spot is located east of Hwy 17 near Santa Cruz. Guided tours last approximately 45 minutes and are conducted daily. Admission: $5 for adults; children 3yrs and younger are free. Additional $1 per ticket if booked in advance, online or over the phone. Free admission to Active Duty Military. Parking is $5 per car.

More information: Mystery Spot
465 Mystery Spot Road, Santa Cruz, CA 95065
Phone: 831-423-8897
Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am–6pm, Sat-Sun: 9am–7pm


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