Tuesday, October 12, 2010

San Jose: Genghis Khan – The Exhibition

Time is running out. You have until October 24, 2010 to see Genghis Khan – The Exhibition at the Tech Museum in San Jose. Making its only Bay Area appearance, the blockbuster exhibition moves on to Singapore in December.

The interactive exhibition tells the fascinating true story of the famous 13th century Mongol who conquered half the known world. A ruthless leader and fierce warrior, Genghis Khan was also an innovative statesman who motivated his followers, rewarded loyalty and brought unity and stability to his people. The most powerful man of his time, he is also credited for bringing us passports, printed money, the pony express, and even pants.

The exhibition features more than 200 rare artifacts from Genghis’ reign, including gold jewelry, silk robes, musical instruments and other relics never before seen outside of Mongolia. Visitors can see a life-size "ger," a traditional Mongolian dwelling, and a mummy of a Mongolian woman from the 13th or 14th century. There will be several engaging, family-friendly activities, as well as live cultural performances of Mongolian singers, contortionists and musicians.

Location: The Tech Museum, 201 South Market St., San Jose
Phone: 408-294-TECH
Admission: $25 Adults, $15 Children (ages 3-17)
Hours: Sun.-Wed. 10am - 5pm, Thurs.-Sat. 10am - 8pm


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