Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ten California Cities – An Abundance of Capitals

Can you name California’s state capital? If you guessed Sacramento, you’re right on the mark. But, how well do you know California’s other capital cities? Take a look at these ten cities located in our Golden State and their popular nicknames. Bet you didn’t know California had so many capitals!

  • Auburn: Endurance Capital of the World
  • Bakersfield: California’s Country Music Capital
  • Bishop: Mule Packer Capital of the World
  • Fallbrook: Avocado Capital of the World
  • Forestville: Poison Oak Capital of the World
  • Gilroy: Garlic Capital of the World
  • Palmdale:  Aerospace Capital of America
  • Pearsonville: Hubcap Capital of the World
  • San Jose: The Capital of Silicon Valley
  • Solvang: Danish Capital of America

Plenty of other California cities take credit for being a “capital.” How many can you name?

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