Thursday, February 9, 2012

Napa: Love Lock Bridge – Public Displays of Affection

Locks adorn the fence of Love Lock Bridge in Napa

Lovers looking for a unique way to declare their devotion to each other on Valentine’s Day – or any day of the year - should consider a visit to Napa’s Love Lock Bridge. Here, couples can attach a padlock decorated with their names, initials or a meaningful date to the bridge’s chain-link fence. The romantic tradition is said to symbolize the “locking of souls together” and is a gesture of commitment. Once the locks are attached, couples can toss the key or keep it as a reminder of their eternal love.

Napa's Love Lock Bridge in Napa

The Love Lock Bridge opened in 2011 and connects the Napa Valley Wine Train station to the train’s platform. The pedestrian bridge is scheduled to come down in 2017, so even though your love may be everlasting, the fence won’t be there forever. A note before you go - padlocks are not provided on the premises, so make sure you bring your own.

To reach the Love Lock Bridge, head to the Napa Valley Wine Train station located at 1275 McKinstry Street. It’s a five minute walk from downtown Napa.


  1. Cool idea, and great photos! Bet this fence will be totally full of locks soon.

  2. That is so cool. What a fun tradition!

  3. 2017? That is sad. How can the bridge be saved?

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