Sunday, May 6, 2012

Borrego Springs: Galleta Meadows – Desert Sculptures

Raptor sculpture by artist Ricardo Breceda at Galleta Meadows

There’s more to see in Borrego Springs besides its famous wildflowers. Poised against the desert landscape and scattered over an estate known as Galleta Meadows are 129 imposing metal sculptures of prehistoric beasts and modern-era animals. The freestanding structures, created by artist Ricardo Breceda, include dinosaurs, wooly mammoth, sabers, raptors, and giant birds. Human characters such as farm workers and gold miners also rise from the land.

Prospector and Mule by artist Ricardo Breceda at Galleta Meadows

Galleta Meadows Estate consists of about three square miles of undeveloped property and is owned by multi-millionaire, Dennis Avery (Avery Labels). In 2008, Avery decided to pay homage to the prehistoric creatures that used to roam the Anza Borrego desert nearly 4 million years ago. He commissioned Breceda to create a metal collection of the creatures and the assemblage of land art has continued to grow since. One of the latest additions is a 350-foot long serpent.

Sand Serpent by artist Ricardo Breceda at Galleta Meadows

Although Galleta Meadows is private property, it’s open to the public, free of charge. Most sculptures can be seen while driving along Borrego Springs Road, both north and south of downtown Borrego Springs. A map lists detailed locations of the installments.

Sheep sculpture by artist Ricardo Breceda at Galleta Meadows

Borrego Springs is located 78 miles northeast of San Diego and is completely surrounded by the 600,000-acre Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.


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