Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sacramento: Airport Art – “Samson” Tower of Luggage

Art display entitled "Samson" by Brian Goggin greets travelers at Terminal A of the Sacramento Airport.
"Samson" by Brian Goggin at the Sacramento Airport
Don’t be alarmed when you go to retrieve your luggage at the Sacramento Airport and notice a tower of bags balanced upon a luggage cart near the carousel. It’s not the work of an overzealous skycap and you won’t find your bags there. These bags are part of an eye-catching art installation created by eclectic artist, Brian Goggin, called “Samson.” The clever display consists of two 23-foot tall pillars containing over 700 pieces of vintage luggage of varying shapes and sizes. The structure reaches up to the ceiling, seemingly supporting it and holding it in place. It’s a whimsical and welcome distraction to ponder while waiting for your bags to arrive.
Defenestration by Brian Goggin has clocks, bathtub, chairs, clocks falling from window of building
Brian Goggin's "Defenestration" in San Francisco
Brian Goggin is also the artist behind the work, “Defenestration,” an odd display of miscellaneous items clinging to a decrepit building on the corner of 6th and Howard St. in San Francisco. The word literally means “the action of throwing someone or something out of a window” and indeed, you’ll see chairs, lamps, a bathtub, clocks and more strewn about the face of the building as if they’ve been thrown from the windows.


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