Saturday, April 16, 2011

Los Angeles: TV Talk Show Tapings – Be In the Audience

Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno

Visitors to Los Angeles - here’s a sightseeing suggestion. Attend a live taping of your favorite television talk show. It’s fun, it’s free and there are many entertaining shows to choose from.

As a member of the studio audience, you’ll experience Hollywood in action and see what goes on behind the scenes before, during and after a broadcast. You’ll get to watch entertainers perform, listen to newsmakers speak, and experience the banter between talk show guest and TV host. In most cases, you’re sitting just feet from the stage, allowing for a birds-eye view of your favorite personality. In some instances, you may be put on camera and become part of the show.

Some tips:
  1. Tickets for studio tapings should be ordered well in advance and some shows limit the number of tickets you may request.
  2. Most shows have a minimum age requirement of 16-18 yrs for audience members.
  3. Arrive early, even if you’re holding confirmed tickets. Just like the airlines, studios overbook and you could be “bumped”.
  4. If you’re unable to plan ahead, some shows have a limited number of standby tickets available the day of taping.
  5. Dress in layers – studios tend to be cold. Dress stylishly if you want that front row seat and a chance to be on camera.
  6. Security will check all bags. Make certain you're aware of any prohibited items, such as video and audio recording devices, and leave them at home or at your hotel.

To order tickets, click on the name of your favorite TV show. Some tickets are distributed via ticket suppliers such as and, which are legitimate agencies offering free tickets.


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